2017 Family Events

For Adults With Kids

Introducing the all-new Family Fun Weekends. These affordable all-inclusive getaways are convenient, easy, exciting, relaxing and give a large quantity of quality time that encourages family spiritual growth.

This is the perfect experience for parents and grandparents to harness the power and fun of camp while investing into their child one-on-one or with the entire family.

With your kids, you could be riding a 2-person Giant Swing, overcoming the challenges of the Tandem High Ropes Adventure, flying down the Twin Zip Lines, improving archery skills, teaching them to canoe and so much more…all of this, with your child and family. You will get to experience and see the awe with them.

Activities and features available depend upon which camp location you choose as well as the age/health of participants. Visit one of the information pages on the camps below to get started with your family adventure!


Camp Lakewood Family Events

Family Camp; All Ages

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June 30-July 2 [register for LF262]

August 4-6 [register for LF312]

Family camp is a foundation to help you set a tone and example for the years ahead. Through this camp, your family will feel renewed and inspired in stronger relationship with one another and God. The experiences for everyone engage the whole family while you worship and learn together. Plus, enjoy the many fun and exciting features available at Camp Lakewood!

Parent Child Camp; Adults & Grades K-3

$99 each ($106 after 4/17)

May 6-7 [register for LF181]

This faith based weekend for young adults will encourage continuous relational and spiritual growth in a supportive learning environment. Worship throughout the weekend will renew and inspire you to go home with an even stronger sense of God’s presence and in stronger relationship with one another.

Family Serve Weekend; All Ages

Pricing Information

April 28-29 [register for LF171]

Come out and join us in an opportunity to spread the word of God through intentional service and fellowship on our grounds! Working together and building memories as a family builds a strong foundation that will weather the years ahead. Projects will cover a variety of skills for all ages.

Grand Camp; Adults & Grades K-5

$175 each ($190 after 4/17)

September 2-4 [register for LF351]

Grand Camp is a perfect time to be intentional about the legacy you want to leave with your grandchildren, grades K-5. During this time spent with your grandchildren, you will get to know the deep and personal character of the unique child they are while experiencing fun, adventure, and spiritual discovery.

Pine Creek Camp Family Events

Family Camp; All Ages

July 1-3 (PF261)

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Through this camp, your family will feel renewed and inspired, you will go home with an even stronger sense of God’s presence and in stronger relationship with one another.

This inclusive experience engages the whole family; staying together for worship and learning times so parents can model and your children can learn from the people they look up to the most. Plus, enjoy the many fun and exciting features available at Pine Creek Camp!

Dinner and Date Night; All Ages

$30 guardian & $10 children

September 16 [register for PF371]

It takes a community to raise a child, let us be a part of your community! You and your partner can enjoy time together, learn more about relationships, and give your children a taste of life at camp with lots of fun. Dinner and activities for children will be provided.

Camp Rivervale Family Events

Man Camp; Dads & Sons ages 12+

$40 per person

September 23 [register for RF381 ]

This one day event invites young men ages 13 years and older to come and experience over a dozen men speak on and unpack what biblical manhood looks like and what it means to be a godly man in today’s world. There is a deep emphasis on intentional faith development that allows campers to foster Christ-like community throughout the day that will follow them when they return home. Activities across the campsite promote the importance of teamwork and self-confidence, which lays as the cornerstone for focusing on our wonderful Creator.

Start Planning for Summer

We are in the process of finalizing and updating all of our 2017 event information on the web and getting brochures printed, promotional tools ready, and more! But, we know that some of you are eager to start locking in your dates. So download the 2017 events calendar to start planning your summer today. More information will be updated over the next week on the websites, brochures will soon be mailing in January, and you can order your promotional materials after Christmas break at www.GetKidsTo.Camp.